The rift between two clouds1 closes me in.

I’m bound to be suffocated by a hurricane
wind2, twisting unruly emotions. I made 
a decision when the moonless3 night had come.
Left me lost in the prairie of thoughts4, alone,
nothing to be said but done? Elegies sing
before I am able to feel respite. It’s raining
the echo of my imagination5 as if dreaming 
exploded; as if the Northern Star6 before it 
became visible7, even most moonless8 nights  
can't shade possibilities of endless9might,
so don’t dare to close your eyes tonight.

...While stars10 hurl into curved11 dimensions,
circles12 close the rift between my two eyes.

The hurricane I feel subsides as I spin words
at the same velocity the hurricane can through
nano-interdimensional13 bubbles as unfolding 
and folding sheets made of memory strings14 
of thought breathe my way out of dizzy winds. 
  1. 雲間
  2. 雲行きが怪しい
  3. 暁闇
  4. The Scientific Power of Thought Source: AsapSCIENCE
  5. practice peace
    patience seeds
    doing the imagined
  6. prismatic light
    completed lifecycle
  7. how can we see what's beyond our eyes? Source: NASA
  8. 無月
  9. 千日手
    threefold repetition
    ending in a draw
  10. fuse Source: Science Channel
  11. elliptic hyperboloid Source:
  12. \frac{x^{2}}{A^{2}}+\frac{y^{2}}{B^{2}}-\frac{z^{2}}{C^{2}}=1
    Source: Rogness J, “The hyperboloid of one sheet.” From Math Insight.
  13. sweet lingo
    quince cupcake
  14. a two sheet hyperboloid became a single sheet
    From a -\frac{x^{2}}{A^{2}}-\frac{y^{2}}{B^{2}}+\frac{z^{2}}{C^{2}}=1 to a \frac{x^{2}}{A^{2}}+\frac{y^{2}}{B^{2}}-\frac{z^{2}}{C^{2}}=1
Signature Lina Ru