Burning water lilies 
remind me of the time 
we once knew 
what freedom meant, 
open meadows
spread over the life 
of the humble minded.   

Their simplicity 
had colors 
we have 

Their enchanting 
voices evoke a lesson
in need of revival.

We believe 
in order 
to feel 
in control.

Those chains 
are grabbing 
our joyful spaces
in contempt.

Those voices 
remind us 
of the bliss
of letting go, 
so one can
open to the
gift of today
as a burning
water lily
that knows
no end. 

the impossible,
water and fire
made one.

A new way of understanding life is taking place:

The paradigm that states we are absolutely separated from each other is changing. It is changing from fragmented perspective to a new state of wholeness and unity. This perspective is evolving because we are realizing there is something very wrong with our relationships each one another. The aggression begins to feel as unbearable. Where does this aggression come from? We need to solve this, and fragmentation seems to be a possible answer. Also, with overpopulation and the fast ways to travel we are now confronted others’ differences, how to accept these differences?

Furthermore, there is a state of mind called depression because we don’t know how to feel fulfilled. Nobody teaches us how to be joyful at school. Maybe you are lucky and have someone that taught you to be happy, but not everyone has that luck. What to do then? We need to change within ourselves. Be inside of ourselves we want to see outside of ourselves. We have to be the reflection of tolerance and love, never expecting it to come from the outside.

Do you think it is too difficult? Try this. If you do not change, nobody is going to do it for you. Be happy then with everything that is, if you can’t then… What is wrong? Why can’t you change something that makes you feel miserable? Although I may know the answer, it does not matter. Your answer is the one that counts.
Signature Lina Ru