In the chains of flesh,
we battle,
over tears and dreams,
’til we learn to love.

I can’t understand,
why can’t I let myself

Into heaven, my love,
into moons, my beats,
into eternity, my imagination
’til I become the light feather
that reaches home.

Even though,
I didn’t tell you,
as I wished to
every instant
of existence
that I really,
really, really,
loved you.

Maybe, just maybe,
I am already at home.

Today is all we’ve got Sometimes we take for granted people and we believe there is a battle to be won over. Why? We take for granted the small moments that represent the actual possibility of love, happiness, and peace. Those moments are so simple that we forget they are the all we have at the moment we live them. Although, we may be sad, angry, disappointed, or whatever emotion comes into being within our minds and expressed throughout our body. There is something we wish to be covered with, love…
Signature Lina Ru