I woke up this morning,
and I found myself
alone, trapped, empty, and
acting as if I were brain dead.

A child is born,
while another one
is killed.

Walking without asking,
breathing without smelling,
speaking without listening,
seeing without observing,
taking without giving,
breaking without fixing,
mending without understanding,
becoming without fulfilling…

Who will drop the spears?
How many more tears
are we willing to bear?

Make a difference,
become aware of yourself,
ask, smell, listen, observe,
give, fix, understand, fulfill,
make it up to you,
it is you all you need,
life is a glimpse of
your heaven or hell,

Stay tuned,
nothing will be as it seems
as nothing really is as you believe,
reality is not a memory,
reality is beyond us,
walk its path,
find a new route,
nothing stays the same,
change is the only thing
meant to stay.

Future at your feet,
just pick it up!

Make a difference,
embrace change,
it is meant to stay
as you are meant to say:
I Love You!

Suddenly, my brain
comes back to life,
nothing is dead,


Don’t be the dead child
wandering through the streets of greed,
trying to make some sense
out of insecurity and fear.

Wake up!

The old has to go,
the new hungers for embrace,
today, become change,
living child of the future,
set us free and shine!

To the children of the future

I beg, wake up! Don’t let the fools of today, give you the hatred of tomorrow!

Instead, build the tomorrow we haven’t been able to give to ourselves for so many egocentric reasons.

Children of the future, don’t give up!

It is up to you as much as it was up to us… We didn’t do enough, but we sure tried. In the confusion of these times, I guess clarity is only a matter of time.

Don’t let yourself be blinded by those who say they know the truth, nobody really knows… You can only know by yourself. It is the false intent of becoming secure, the reason we linger toward those false invitations of wisdom.

We have created a society of violence due to that fear and insecurity. We have believed through many centuries that to be secure you had to have a secure environment, but don’t be fooled. It is not up to your surroundings. You can only feel secure if you are aware of yourself. It has nothing to do with power or your ability to control others. Security can only be felt while we love.

Children of the future, please, forgive us!

Want to be free? Want to overcome our mistakes? Ask questions! Don’t let the fools be your lead, be your own leader!

Signature Lina Ru