Snow mapping.
I am not who you say I am. 

						               	 Set me free. 
		Let me be me.

		 These times are suffocating. 
			    Can't you see?

		 Inside, this mind of mine, inside,  
			a different set of rules  
		      raging against everything.
		  Thoughts racing. Losing touch. 
		      Truth is burnt like a torch 
		        	  spent in dimes.

		  Where does stillness hide?
		  What you say I will abide.  

				                               					  [Distant voice echoes," Gaze at the sea!"] 
	Amazement, such grace, could it truly be me?
	The sea, the sea, so much to be, being free,
	the sea, the sea, it's me, humming me; see?

	It's so free 'cause I'm the sea. In stillness and storm, 
	everything I see, I become. So how can I be entrapped
	by you, by me, by everything I see, if everything I see, 
	                             				               							[I am.]  
Your road might be snowed, perhaps in need of warmth. Is a snowed path less valuable? No. Sometimes, snow is needed to see others’ footsteps. If you feel that you are standing in front of an impasse, ask yourself,” Is it time to create a new way of thinking and perceiving reality?” Did you know that What makes you sad, also makes you happy? Most of the time, what makes you sad or happy are your thoughts. If you are able to change the way you think, perhaps you might find yourself in a better place. After a long snow, there is always a moment when it will begin to melt. Take what you have learned from the footprints in the snow, and move forward to a new way of being that surrounds you with fulfillment. Perhaps, the way to begin to melt the snow in your path is by asking,” What makes me feel fulfilled?” Do you know the answer? Is there a way to get there? How can I be what I really wish to be?
Signature Lina Ru