How can I judge,
if I can only see
an instant?

How can I say;
he did wrong
if I can only see
the action?

How can I feel sad,
if as I judge I
am only seeing
sparkles of truth
through eyes?

If you judge others,
you will be judged,
not by them,
but by you.

How can I feel angry,
if as I judge you,
I am judging me?

How can I think;
he did wrong
if I can only see
an instant?

If I end up in your deeds,
I will be judging me,
and hurting me
without knowing it

As I hurt you,
I am hurting me.

Unless, I can see that…
How can I judge
if I can only see an instant
in the immensity
of time and existence?

Why do I judge,
when I only want
to be loved?

If you want love,
what do others want?

Could it be love?

Cure the pain by loving

How many times a day do we spend judging others? Why do we judge them? Is it because we may be afraid of those who we judge? Could we be afraid because they may hurt us? Could we be afraid because they may make us change our points of view that give us a sense of security? Could we be afraid of them because they represent something we actually have, but don’t want to recognize cause we will judge ourselves severely? Could… Many things…

However, how can we judge if I we can only see an instant? We don’t see what happened before, and what will happen next to that person we judge. Perhaps, if we could see the whole time line we wouldn’t be so harsh on those who make mistakes, as we do, and we would spend time into understanding them. If we could do this, our hurt society would begin to live the sparkles of truth and love it so much hungers for.

Signature Lina Ru