Take the words, turn the world
make me a whirl, translate me
into a thousand loving smiles.

			You are
			making me

It is love made truth.

You are breaking me
taking lost pieces
into heaven.

			It is me
			made you.

It is you
made me.

It is us, breaking apart 
the words that separate us.

			It is me
			becoming exhales
			of a torn heart.

It is you
becoming inhales
of a singing harp. 

It is the truth that 
comes and goes through
our pain, untouched.

Because there is no sorrow,
if there is a breeze
	translating me into 
a thousand loving smiles.

It is you, 
		the wind
giving is all 
			before heaven,
the heaven that in me
while heaven is within,

There are many times when we live in sorrow. Life is full of blossom. Perhaps, those tears are opportunities to understand this. Life is a smile expecting to be seen. If life were to be gloomy, would love exist? Love is all needed to be joyful. Is it?
Signature Lina Ru