The lost leaf is:
flying your will 
into a storm
of regret; 
					chasing a dream
					by sleeping with 
falling into bliss
before reaching
its reverie. 

Your will 
					is flying, 
your mood 
					is dry. 

Why are we 
all weeping 
as a silent
by your 

Your will 
					is chasing, 
there is 
no rivalry.

Why are we
all beating 
					the forest 
					of amity
as if in
we were 

Your will
					is falling, 
but your 

Why are we 
					all sleepwalking
in the land 
of the infinite?

Bliss is just
					a sight away.

Bliss is just
					a sense away.

Bliss is just
					a love away.

Bliss is just 
					[a leaf | you] 
Generally we strive for bliss or great happiness, but within our struggle comes a belief of not having. In such belief, our will becomes a slave of our thoughts. Each thought generates an emotion that cripples happiness. I use the word bliss to describe a peaceful happiness, one that does not relate directly to an emotion, but can be affected by it. In this state of bliss, which is peace there is only love. If you are a lost leaf, how can you find peace? If you are searching for something outside of yourself, how can you distinguish bliss when it could not be in front of you (but inside of you)? Maybe, bliss is only a breath away… Just maybe, emotions and thoughts are structures that cripple bliss.
Signature Lina Ru