I have dreamt of a world 
  full of pineapple trees,
  growing on apple leaves, 
  topped with chocolate bits. 

  I have dreamt of a world
  full of strawberry trees,
  growing on coffee leaves,  
  topped with honey cream. 
  I have hoped to lift your head
  upward, full of ocean's tears  
  as dreams fall from the stars
         into your hopeful eyes,
  but all I could really see 
  was a child, kindly waiting,
  for dreams to become true
  as it rained. 

  So I stopped waiting... 

  raindrops are truly jellyfish 
  falling like tiny jelly beans 
  in the vast ocean we are 
  as let our dreams roam free
  if they lift our spirits,
  into the cosmos that says:
  dreams can become clouds, 
  clouds can became tears, 
  tears can become oceans, 
  and oceans are us 
                as we dream. 
  So I stopped waiting,
  as I lived united 
  by the vast oceans 
                 we are.
It is time to change… There are so many places where people suffer hunger, and the question is: Why? Is the answer a self-sustainable environment? If richness is not the answer for a better life, but fulfillment… What are we teaching our children? What did our parents teach us? Can we dare to change old patterns? It is through dreams that we can challenge what we have been taught ‘should be’. We begin a dream as an outlandish idea, but as we return to our daily lives, we can see that dreams are hands pointing to the impossible. It is up to us to walk a little bit closer to them if such dream transforms our earth into love and peace.

This poem is dedicated to those who fight for a green, loving, and peaceful world without hunger, those who go into their dreams and make them come true despite all odds.

Signature Lina Ru