What is the name of the song played each day while the sun rises?
What is the name of the song played each time a boy hugs his parents?
What is the name of the song played when we love each other?

I could create a new musical composition by painting your heart with my hands
and transforming imagination into love. The song would go like this:

                    Sky and fire 
                                expressing liberty.
                    Earth and wind 
                                expressing time.
                    Ocean and butterflies 
                                expressing beauty.
                    Ice and lilies 
                                expressing space.

  Paint becomes  
              my honored friend,
  my hands become 
              the lingering of hope, 
  and you become 
              the everything 
                            that surrounds me,
                                              so I paint you,
                          your heart, 
                                    the earth, lilies, and butterflies. 
                          I surrender into love, 
                                    the wind, ocean and ice.

                               open my spirit,
                                                     open your soul,
                              open my eyes, 
                                                     open your ears,  
                                toward the music 
                                                  that is us.
  Sol becomes
            your rainbowed dawn  
  Mi becomes 
            your traveled memoir 
  Do becomes
            a new composition 
                  painting us, 
            our heart with a touch of mint, 
                    a freshness transforming imagination 
                                          into eternity.

                                      What a marvelous song!
                                   Love covers us with its music
                                                         Your love, 
                                   our salvation,
                                                       my love,
                                        our redemption.
Creating a brilliant future We are always surrounded by the music of nature. Can we hear it? Do we want to hear it? Why would we ignore the music that surrounds us? If we protect our surroundings as if they were us, we could probably live a clean, harmonious and green planet. Let our love touch those who love us, including nature. It, nature, chants each time the sun exposes its glory, a boy hugs his parents, and we love each other.
Signature Lina Ru