They scintillate along the shoreline of experience.
Not there but here, we drip their molded memory 
into the cosmic vastness that finds its permanence 
through the push and pull of a boreal luminescence
we can’t touch, but in cyclical reveries sets us free
to scintillate along the shorelines of experience.

‘Cause they are algae that milk their descendance
with their sweetest action spreading in intensity 
so their cosmic vastness can find its permanence
by waking us up from the slumber of indifference
that pulls us away from expanding our nebulae,  
a helix scintillating along shorelines of experience.


Whenever afraid, just look into the effervescence 
of our perception and dissolve the constant worry
by realizing the cosmic vastness that finds permanence 
within us as we listen to the clearness that brings solace 
from a desert of starry closeness full of life’s irony: 
We will all scintillate along shorelines of experience 
when the cosmic vastness becomes our permanence 
and our heartbeat becomes an echo in another’s sky.  

This poem was inspired by the writing prompt: The Dead and their Cosmic Altar in honor of the Day of the Dead.
Signature Lina Ru