I erode into a balanced life as I seep into patience,
even when the blasting, most tormenting, expands 
and rivers meet stone I become the insistence 
that molds the desert’s red stone which stands 
waiting for an instant for me to collapse my demand 
for a fuller life by eroding hurt as I seep into patience.

Even when I feel my tears filling the canyons once 
more, there’s a certainty within that tells my essence
there’s nothing in this trite life that I can’t transcend
if I erode into a prismatic life as I seep into a patience
that will let go of that grief that appears to contend
that I am never good enough to fully comprehend 
the frustration that keeps us from being the fragrance 		
that runs through rivers and stone until we fully mold 
through erosion that balanced life that seeps patience. 
This poem was inspired by the Poetic Prompt: When in Pain, Have Patience. No matter what experience we live, by seeping into patience, our best by date is always today.
Signature Lina Ru