“The limits of my language is the limits of my world.” – Wittgenstein

To make up for the mystery,
tales told brought comfort,
familiarity to the dangerous 
unknown, fortune saved us
as numbers stacked up one 
to ten, googols to infinite 
particles colliding against 
a supernova, stranded dust 
awaiting for the intrinsic 
reaction that brings order
to chaos, logic to irrational
sequences of thought, inside  
a graph paper, a bounded
hardcover, a rule of thumb:

Numbers flirt with language
until they aren’t confined by
a letter. Logic flirts with us
until there’s no way to say
what extends beyond a thing. 

Not as a reader nor writer,
but a tingling music scale,
tupleting, infiniting a ting.

What to learn more about the limits of understanding?

What to learn more about the limits of language?

Want to go deeper into Wittgenstein’s work? Watch this debate about the limits of language: https://iai.tv/video/the-word-and-the-world

Signature Lina Ru