Why care about a stranger
when you think, my struggle. 

Why care about an associate 
when you think, my anxiety. 

Why care about a kind friend 
when you think, my expense. 

Why care about a family
when you think, I’m rushed. 

Why care about a dear child
when you think, my shrill
will be always prior to yours. 

I’m kind enough because I know
someone else will protect you, 
I tell myself as I go to bed. 

But apathy is contagious as 
narcissism is and now no one 
is there to protect my closest.

My child, my family, my dear 
friend, my associate, much 
less this stranger as I look 
at my mirror and fade away.  
Do you know the answer to why care about a stranger?You are looking at yourself. If you truly know yourself, then you would care because you would know who you are beneath all those layers of suffering.
Signature Lina Ru