You are not alone;
you are here, with me, 
	  as the Earth 
gets hotter and hotter,
  is this really
where you have been?

 		 It's not just 
the climate.

  			It's the anger,
  	against our selves, 
burning down our gentle ways.

Where have you been
as it gets hotter?

If we don't have it 
		when we want it,
	  but if we do have it 
	  we take it for granted,
	once and again, 
'round we go.  

Why can't we join
		a stranger's party? 
Where is the goodwill
	and respect toward others?
		Where have you been 
as it gets hotter?


I can't hold my breath any longer, 
  'cause I'm them: the rain, the colors,
  the golden pot, shining upon us, and us, 
  together, 'cause without you, I am nothing
but a runner trapped by the lost days spent napping
as it got hotter and hotter while still banned 
from the party that could have set us free 
					if we had become respect and goodwill.

But where have you been as it gets hotter and hotter?
			Here, there, everywhere, ready to be me, 
never alone, there, here, where you've been,
		I will never be alone if I know I am with you,
as it gets hotter and hotter, and if you do stay, 
can we ponder upon these questions so we become gentle 

It all comes to consequences We are facing times where our actions have taken severe consequences on Earth. Are we conscious it is “us” (each one of us) who can end the Earth’s pollution by our daily choices? Why don’t we want to observe ourselves? Are we afraid? How can we liberate ourselves from ourselves? Could it be with love? Could we save our planet by loving ourselves and loving others the same way? Do we want to save ourselves by saving others? Are we courageous enough to find it out?
Signature Lina Ru