If you could choose
 into being a body
 that changes every
 bit of space without
 understanding where will 
 actions go, where will 
 deeds lead, where will
 it all grow. 

 I would rather be nobody,
 if my heart is full of blossom. 

 If I could choose
 into being a nobody 
 that creates flowers, 
 rainbows, and snow
 with a smile 
 and a handful of work,
 passion, and love. 

 I would rather be a body,
 if my heart is in need of color.

 I could rather choose.

 I would just gaze into the sky,
 and let it all invade my soul,
 into the freedom
 I can only live 
 in my most lovely dreams.
Is it better to be a nobody, than a body that changes things without understanding the consequences of his actions? Why? We change reality every day through what may seem insignificant acts. Are we prepared to take the responsibility of those? It doesn’t matter, prepared or not life goes on bringing home those consequences. Life is a ride in which you may think you are a nobody or a body. It doesn’t matter. You can’t be a nobody. You are somebody, so special you may not realize it because you don’t have a love ‘mirror’ near.
Signature Lina Ru