Open your heart to your poetic voice, 
the one that extends language to its limit, 
and devours the prescribed responsibilities 
your words -thoughts- impose in your life. 

Each time you hear the word LIMIT, 
challenge it by removing its definition 
				from your core.  

Each time you hear the words HATE & YOU, 
change the meaning until it becomes a feather 
				that doesn't do harm. 

Each time you hear the word PAIN, 
observe its craze and develop 
a sense of inner wisdom 
that dislocates the word 
				from your body. 

As you learn to open your poetic voice, 
all those words will become a dusty baggage 
that eventually will flow away with the wind 
				as you let them be free. 

In time, you will be free 
from the old dictionary 
that held you prisoner 
through the limited gates of hate,
those that brought you pain,
				so much vain. 

So, become aware 
of your poetic heart, 
            	and be...

							Be freedom.
Signature Lina Ru