Walking bird, 
Waking light,
lending your wings, 
so others can fly, 
no need of fear, 
you are right,
freedom is
inside you:
               love is pure,
             love is you,
           love is the cure, 
        love is you.

Wake up,
give that love,
listen to your heart, 
open your soul, 
close the words
that hurt yourself, 
there is no guilt, 
there is only love,
light of happiness. 

Waking bird
that walks in light
listen to yourself, 
open the gates of love,
the door of infinity 
                    is pure,
                  is love,
                is light,
              is you.

Wake up,
love the light,
give the purity,
love the sight,
give the lovely,
        Waking bird.
Signature Lina Ru